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Common names: Orfe, Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Ide
Scientific/Latin name: Leuciscus idus
Maximum length: 1.5 to 2.5 feet
Colors: Orange with black on head (golden), blue (blue), natural (wild ide) 
Temperature preference: 50 to 70 degrees F but can survive 33 to 90 degrees F
pH preference: 7 to 8
Hardness preference: Moderate
Compatibility: May eat small fish; good with each other, koi, and goldfish 
Life span: 10-30 years
Ease of keeping: Moderate, needs large pond
Ease of breeding: Hard

Orfes only grow large and thus breed in large ponds. They need well-oxygenated water of medium hardness. In the wild, they may migrate into brackish waters as well as freshwater. They live in water from just above freezing to the 70's degrees, They will not survive over 85 degrees. They are similar to koi in their needs. Orfe are said to be more sensitive to medications so avoid using alot of medication if you need to use any. Leuciscus idus, the golden orfe, is suitable for ponds. It can grow to 2.5 feet but usually stays near 1.5 feet. It is a long, slender, bullet-shaped, schooling, orange fish with black dots on its head and back (not always present). They are great to put goldfish and koi at ease and encourage them to spend time near the surface. Orfes are native to Europe and were derived from the ide which is a silver predator. Some say that they are better pond fish than goldfish. This is probably due to their fast, active behavior near the surface where you can see them seemingly having fun. Larger orfe or overwintering orfe may prefer the bottom of the pond. Others find their behavior too active. They need lots of room